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'US, Israel conspiracies will fail in Syria'
Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:2PM
Interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political analyst
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I am sure that all those conspiracies of USA, of Israel, of certain Arab PGCC countries would be in failure.

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted an Arab League-sponsored resolution on Syria for what it calls the government's crackdown on opposition protests.

The non-binding resolution was drafted by the Arab League and backed by the United States and Britain.

The General Assembly resolution has no real power without a similar vote in the UN Security Council.
Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political analyst, to share his opinion on this issue.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: First of all we have the allegations from the Syrian government that countries like Saudi Arabia, like Qatar who have been pushing for this resolution against Damascus at the UN, are not in a position to address the issue of Syria because of the situation they are facing themselves and also because of the fact they are saying they are providing financing and they are providing arms to these armed groups in Damascus.

So what do you think about the role of countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia which has become quite prominent now?

Al-Halabi: It is very shameful to Saudi Arabia, to Qatar to every Arab country that voted for this motion, for this project because they have already sided the Israeli voting in the General Assembly.

It is the second time in the history of Palestine, of al-Quds, of the Palestinian cause and it is the first page in the history that some Arab countries would side Israel in voting against Syria.

So I think it is natural for Saudi Arabia and Qatar to try to implement the Israeli-American agenda against the resistance movements, Arab and Islamic resistance movements in the area.

The only enemy for all the Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East is Israel. And the only target for all those Arab and Muslim countries should be in fact liberating al-Quds, liberating Palestine, bringing back the rights of the Palestinians not besieging Syria and threatening the stability of the Syrian people and the Syrian leaders that are confronting Israel.

I think this agenda would be I am sure in a failure even within a few months.

Press TV: Well Mr. al-Halabi, the question is what do you think that agenda is, when we are speaking of these countries and of course their Western supporter countries like the United States and members of the Arab League?

Are they for instance looking for regime change in Syria? What are they trying to achieve? Are they just looking for President Assad to resign like the situation for instance similar to the situation in Yemen or is it more about do you think a military intervention in Syria?

Al-Halabi: You know very well that they are obeying the orders of USA, France and the Britain and Israel in order to make those countries control the whole Middle East area, the whole Arab-Islamic area. Still in this area are certain countries that they are independent, that they control their decisions, that their people are willing to decide that independence is the most important target.

Those countries like Syria, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, like Lebanon, like the resistance of Hezbollah, like the resistance of Hamas and the Palestinian factions, those are out of the control of Israel and USA and Britain and France.

For this reason those Arab countries would like to eliminate such independence because they are afraid that their own private interests against their people in the [Persian] Gulf States then they would be in danger and for this reason they find it possible time to obey the orders of USA.

Do not forget that all the Arab people of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the [Persian] Gulf States, they would be against the rulers if they could have any kind of expressing opinion in the polls, in election.

The only countries that have no elections, no democracy are the GCC countries and those countries are trying to promote certain democracy or liberty in Syria.

It is very ridiculous to find such thing going on in the Middle East.

Press TV: Right and Mr. al-Halabi just quickly before we leave you, could you also briefly tell us what do you think then lies ahead now for Syria?

Is it going to be able to tackle these armed groups according to itself that are waging violence in the country or do you think there is going to be some kind of foreign intervention?

Al-Halabi: Surely Syria leadership with the people, now they are going to have a referendum on the constitution. We have now in Syria about six parties, new parties in order to participate in any kind of polls, of election.

So Syria is building new reforms and through such new reforms that President Bashar Assad declared and verified I am sure that Syria would pass all this instability and success because it is a unity between the majority of the Syrian people and the leadership and it is also a kind of expression of the willing of the people.

I am sure that all those conspiracies of USA, of Israel, of certain Arab PGCC countries would be in failure.

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