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Yemenis want regime figures out
Yemeni protesters march in Sana'a during a demonstration demanding the prosecution of Ali Abdullah Saleh. (file photo)
Thu Feb 2, 2012 12:51AM
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Yemenis have staged a sit-in protest in front of Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi's house in the capital Sana'a to demand the removal of the regime's key figures.

Hundreds of demonstrators on Wednesday called for the dismissal and prosecution of the figures, who used to hold key posts under the country's outgoing dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saleh is expected to officially resign his post under a power transfer deal initiated by the Arab grouping of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council to defuse the political crisis in the country.

Shouting slogans like, "Field Marshal, you must bring change!," they called on Hadi to cleanse the country of the remnants of Saleh's regime.

Saleh's sons and nephews still hold key positions in the military and intelligence services. Many high-profile figures from the former regime are accused of committing crimes against peaceful protesters during the popular revolution that has been raging on since late January 2011.

Nearly 2,000 demonstrators have been killed during regime crackdown since the anti-government protests started.

Meanwhile, fresh mass anti-regime demonstrations were held in the southern city of Taizz to denounce the immunity from prosecution given to Saleh under the power transfer deal.

Condemning Saleh's crimes, they also demanded that he and his aides be tried for violating the rights of Yemeni people.

The dictator arrived in the United States on Sunday to receive 'medical treatment' for injuries he had sustained in an attack on the presidential palace in Sana'a in June 2011.

The Yemeni Embassy in Washington said Saleh was scheduled to stay in the US for 'a short-term private medical visit.' Last week, Embassy officials said Saleh would “return to Yemen in February....”

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