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Thailand recovers to welcome tourists
Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:50PM
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Thailand's tourism industry hit by the destructive consequences of 2011 floods is bouncing back as foreign arrivals in the country have risen 21%, Press TV reported.

According to Thai tourism authorities, about 17 million tourists visited Thailand between January and November 2011.

The Thai government took immediate measures to attract visitors after the flooding particularly for the New Year festivities, and the upcoming Chinese New Year's celebrations and the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek horticulture exhibition in Chiang Mai.

Thousands of tourists cancelled their trips to Thailand after the flood affected several regions of the country damaging temples and tourist areas.

Many temples and tourist attractions lost their usually large number of visitors and some of them remained empty due to the major flooding.

Several airports were closed in the country and a number of other airports were not accessible via roads.

The floods, caused by nonstop rainfall in the north and central parts of the country for three months, affected not only Ayutthaya but also other provinces in the central region. Some of the outer suburbs of Bangkok were said to be the worst affected.

One of Thai government's main goals, once floodwaters recede, was to regain foreigners' confidence and restore the country's stability. Getting back tourists has been established as a priority, as it is a key source of revenue and job for Thai people.

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