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'US, Israel launch proxy war against Iran'
Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:1PM
Interview with Hisham Jaber, Director of Center for Middle East Studies
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A funeral procession has been held for the Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who was recently assassinated in a terrorist attack in Tehran.

People took to the streets to take part in the funeral ceremony following Friday prayers.

The mourners shouted slogans against the United States and Israel and called on the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Jaber, Director of Center for Middle East Studies, to share his opinion on this issue.

Following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: Of course it is a sad day here for Iranians who are burying another one of their nuclear scientists. As I said, a lot has been said about who could have been behind these assassinations and the fact that they have been carried out in very similar situations and in very similar style. What do you think about those who are involved in these assassinations and why they are carrying out these assassinations?

Jaber: First of all, I would present my condolences to the Iranian people for the assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan and it is an international crime, a terrorism crime. It is not me who say that, everybody would say that, even the former CIA agent, Paul Pillar said today it is an international terrorism crime, at least according to the American law.

And it was natural that the American official will deny this crime because they do not have any interest to recognize it and who is behind it. Even we do not have any evidence everybody and all; today I was looking to the international mass media and especially the Western mass media without saying, without evidence, they are all on the same opinion that Israel is behind this assassination. Why? Because they have, the Mossad has a black file in these kinds of crimes and second it is a soft war instead of the classical war.

Israel tried to make military operation against Iran for the last four, five years and it could not and to convince even United States to do it. At the same time, they try to start this kind of war, which is a soft war, or a symptom of a cold war. They believe they will stop the Iranian nuclear program...

Press TV: One point that was raised there by our correspondent was the case of the responsibility of the United Nations, the UN Security Council specifically when you are speaking about the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA. Iran has been criticizing the IAEA for a vetting and leaking the names of these scientists, enabling those who want to target them to find them very easily and to spot them very easily. Now what do you think about that responsibility?

Jaber: Yes, of course we cannot deny the responsibility of the so-called international society, the Security Council , the United Nations, the IAEA [that] Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was working, was cooperating with them. He was not hiding somewhere. There is a responsibility and I think Iran is on the right side now to sue them if there is an international society or if they are fair.

And let's go back please to tell you who is behind this crime. There is no doubt that Israel is behind this crime without any evidence, what are the purposes?

Israel has many purposes. First of all, Israel knows very well that killing one, two, three, four, even ten, even more of those scientists will not stop Iran from going ahead with its peaceful nuclear program, but killing those scientists has one purpose, to fear the others and to create an atmosphere of fear and of terror and inside them. Second, to convince them that Iran is not capable to protect those scientists and third to push Iran to reply and to bring, at the end of the day United States to an attack or military operation against Iran. That is what is very dangerous in this assassination.

Let's look at the Guardian, the British newspaper today which says these assassinations is secret war, brings very dangerous risks to the whole Middle East area and many of the Western newspapers also mentioned or said that is a very dangerous game and Israel is playing this dangerous game and Iran now must reply or not reply but Iran is on the right side and must convince the international community that the terror come from United States and its allies and specially Israel and because United States always recognizes that terror or terrorism which comes from the other side, never did recognize any terrorism action came from the side of Israel or from its side.

Press TV: Right. Mr. Jaber, when you were speaking earlier you said in your remarks there is a symptom of a start of a cold war or a soft war you said. When you are saying that this is very extremely dangerous circumstances now and you say that you believe those who are behind these attacks are trying to provoke Iran maybe into a response or to create more tension in the region to make things build up and rather lead to some kind of military confrontation.

So when we look at the actions that has been taking against Iran, there has been sanctions, there has been accusations, do you think that this is then a new phase in the pressure that has been put on Iran to create that kind of tension?

Jaber: Yes, the answer is yes, because they failed for years to make, to start a classical war against Iran and they are still at the same position because they know any military operation against Iran whether from Israel or from United States will blew up the whole area and the interests of the United States in the [Persian] Gulf will be destroyed or in a great danger. They noticed that Iran is not attacking anyone. In the last few weeks and so far, Iran did show its military power as a matter of deterrence only, I repeat, deterrence to avoid the war.

When you show deterrence, that means you are not looking for a war. Iran is not looking to start any war with United States or with any other country, but Iran is ready to answer and to reply if Iran is under attack and they know now they cannot make or to start any military operation or any war against Iran.

Now this kind of assassination is the alternative of the classical war. It is a new era of course and I am not sure that if the cold war or the soft war will stay like it is, will not be transferred to a classical war if any rush in the area will start. Nobody can be sure about the future.

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