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'Ron Paul challenges US establishment'
Thu Jan 5, 2012 6:57PM
An interview with Paul Street, Co-Author of 'Crashing the Tea Party'
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A distinguished author says that Republican US presidential candidate Ron Paul is threatening traditional Republican Party values which support the imperial project and corporate system.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Paul Street, Co-Author of 'Crashing the Tea Party', to further discuss the issue.

The following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Mitt Romney, as you're well aware, I'm sure, has narrowly won the Iowa caucus with 25 percent of the votes. That was a neck-and-neck race with Rick Santorum. And of course, then we have Ron Paul coming in third with 21 percent. How do you see the Iowa vote and especially Ron Paul's performance?

Street: I observed the Democratic caucus which no one's talking about but, of course, there's not much to say. And I noted the absence of youth.

I remember in 2008 how the Obama thing was just flooded with young, progressive anti-war kids in particular. And they were completely absent [now].

And my sense is that kids came back from home, it's the college break here - they came back to Iowa City, that's where I am - and they go for Ron Paul because of his position on civil liberties and against things like indefinite detention which Obama has recently signed into law, and against Obama's plans to expand imperial wars against Iran, and things of that nature. And I thought that was very interesting.

Press TV: Well, let's look at what Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie has said. He has come out saying that the GOP insiders have "great concern" about how Ron Paul is doing in terms of the performance. Benkie has come out and said that the GOP establishment is concerned about splitting the vote between Romney and Santorum because it could actually increase the chance for Ron Paul. What do you think?

Street: Ron Paul is a real threat to the establishment in a way that neither Santorum nor Romney is. Romney I think would be their favorite candidate largely in terms of the pragmatic calculations of who's most likely able to win against Obama.

The second favorite after that would be Santorum or Perry with the social conservative values that are pretty consistent with their imperial project and their corporate system.

Paul is a sort of 'sand in the gears of their machine' in interesting types of ways. He's someone that has a lot of issues from my perspective. He's militantly attached to private property rights, and there are some issues about race and reproductive rights, and so forth.

He says that he is sincerely opposed to the imperial project and also against this surveillance state and this mass incarceration state that's so prevalent in this country right now.

So, it's very interesting. Yeah, they would definitely want him to step down, that's for sure.

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