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Growing violence, S. Africa's concern
Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:53PM
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The high rate of crime in South Africa has turned into a major concern as the country is generally regarded as a highly violent nation, Press TV reports.

Experts believe the high prevalence of gangsterism and drug abuse in the country is responsible for the violence frequently reported in the country. Lack of sufficient number of police forces in the country has also aggravated the sense of insecurity in South Africa.

“We need to own the problem [and should] not dissociate ourselves from it … It's to understand what is happening in the lives of people on a daily basis where they confront economic uncertainty and social insecurity,” said a South African expert.

Some South African advocacy groups say the law has to be changed in order to adequately safeguard the rights of those who fall victim to crimes such as theft, rape or even murder.

They argue that this measure coupled with a committed police force will instill a level of confidence and security among South African people.


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