Sunday Dec 18, 201103:18 AM GMT
Winds force Occupy Cardiff to leave camp
Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:16AM
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Members of anti-capitalist movement Occupy Cardiff camping outside a union's headquarters have been forced to leave the area as bad weather raises security concerns.

Scores of Occupy Cardiff activists set up camps outside the Unite offices in Cathedral Road, have agreed to close the camps and leave the area due to health and safety reasons, but announced, “It is not the end of Occupy.”

Occupy activist Edmund Schluessel said that high winds and hail forced us to close down the camps as it had damaged the basic systems and structures of the camps.

"We lost both gazebos to the wind and without their coverage we can't maintain the generator. The cold, meanwhile, is dissuading new people from taking part in camping,” Schluessel said.

“In the month we've spent in the camp we've created a free discussion space open to all. The camp itself was never going to be the revolution - the ideas we discussed there have sown seeds of revolution," he added.

The occupiers planned to stage a series of peaceful demonstrations against the British government's financial inequalities during the winter, and planned to occupy other places in Cardiff in January.

Britain's occupy movements, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street, have spread across the UK since October 15 in a bid to express their oppositions against the government's false economic policies.

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