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Teen drug use on the rise in US
Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:48PM
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A survey conducted by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse says more US teens are using drugs and turning away from cigarettes and alcohol.

The report says drug use has steadily increased among American teenagers over the past five years while the rates of those believing that drugs cause “great risk” has significantly decreased over past years.

The study which included 47,000 adolescents revealed that alcohol consumption by teens was at its lowest level in 15 years but daily drug use had risen to the highest record in the past 30 years.

According to NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow, more than 6 percent of high school seniors reported using drugs every day.

Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Gil Kerlikowske blames the increase in drug use partly on the growing number of states that have legalized medical marijuana.

“We face a very difficult message as adults when we see marijuana being advertised as medicine when it has not gone through the FDA process,” Kerlikowske noted.

On the other hand, smoking and alcohol consumption and the use of other drugs including cocaine, crack cocaine and inhalants showed a notable decrease in 2011 survey.

The number of teens who reported smoking in the previous 30 days for the three grades combined was 11.7 percent, compared to 12.8 percent in 2010.

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