Sunday Dec 11, 201110:13 PM GMT
Aussies protest foreign intervention in Syria
Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:16PM
Rihab Charida, Press TV, Sydney
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A demonstration took place in Sydney on Sunday in protest of what demonstrators described as foreign meddling in Syrian affairs. As tensions continue to escalate in Syria, protesters expressed anger at what they see as efforts to destablise the country from foreign forces.

While some protesters criticized the current government, the opposition to western intervention was strongly echoed throughout the protest.

Protesters also condemned the Arab League's position. Already hit by economic sanctions imposed by the US and EU, the Arab League has threatened Syria with sanctions unless it allows monitors into the country. Damascus has said it will allow monitors into the country but has laid out conditions. Arab foreign ministers are to meet in Cairo at the end of the week to discuss Syria's conditional acceptance of the so-called Arab peace plan.

The UN says the overall death toll from eight months of unrest in Syria has reached over 4,000. Syria has contended that outside intervention in form of funding and arming of foreign militia groups has caused causalities to rise. A spokesman from Syria's foreign ministry has called for a halting of the flow of weapons in to the country.

Protesters stayed on in the pouring rain expressing solidarity with the Syrian government in the face of threats of Western intervention. They say that any problems in Syria will be solved by the Syrian people.

Protesters expressed concern with the possibility of further sanctions on the country, saying it would have a devastating effect on the Syrian people. They also say that a NATO attack would further destabilize the entire region.
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