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LA protesters rally for immigrant rights
Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:6PM
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Immigration activists and Occupy protesters in Los Angeles have rallied against America's conservational immigration enforcement programs, Press TV reports.

Protesters demanded an end to Secure Communities program (S-Comm), which puts federal immigration database in every prison in the US, a Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday.

Secure Communities is a federal Immigration policy meant to identify and deport violent criminals.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement-run program is only supposed to target undocumented immigrants.

However, critics of the program say immigration officials are using S-Comm to perform broad sweeps and are not focusing on immigrants with criminal

S-Comm was implemented by former US President George W. Bush
but protesters say President Obama has aggressively expanded its

More than 3,000 legal United States citizens have been apprehended under the Secure Communities program, according to a report by the Warren Institute at the University of California Berkeley.

Protesting on the International Human Rights Day, Demonstrators say that America can be just as guilty of human rights violations as other nations across the world.

Immigrants are one of the latest groups joining the Occupy Wall Street ranks. Protesters say that by joining forces, the groups can ensure economic justice for all of America's workers.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began when a group of demonstrators gathered in New York's financial district on September 17 to protest against the unjust distribution of wealth in the country and the excessive influence of big corporations on US policies.

Despite the police crackdown and the mass arrests, the Occupy movement, which grew out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has now spread to many major US cities as well as to other countries like Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal.

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