Wednesday Nov 30, 201109:33 AM GMT
'US forces involved in Baghdad raid'
Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:35AM
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US army soldiers at the Camp Victory Complex in Baghdad (file photo)
US forces in Iraq have been involved in a recent mortar attack near the Iraqi parliament in the capital Baghdad, an Iraqi lawmaker says.

At least two people were killed and seven others, including one lawmaker, were injured on Monday after a mortar round hit the Iraqi parliament's parking area in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

The Americans want to give the impression that the Iraqi security forces are unable to ensure security in Iraq after the pullout of US troops from the country, local Iraqi media cited the Iraqi member of parliament, Etab Aldori, as saying.

Everyone knows that the Americans are the source of insecurity in Iraq, the Iraqiya Bloc lawmaker further said, noting that Iraqi troops are capable of taking the responsibly for establishing security in the war-torn country.

According to a Baghdad-Washington security pact signed in 2008, the US troops are mandated to leave Iraq by the end of 2011.

Some analysts believe that the US occupying forces are encouraging terrorist groups to conduct attacks in Iraq in a bid to extend their presence in the country after withdrawal deadline.

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