Tuesday Nov 22, 201102:22 PM GMT
US major architect of massacre in Egypt
Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:12PM
Interview with Ralph Schoenman, political commentator, Berkeley.
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A political commentator says the US is the principal backer of Egypt's ruling military council and a major architect of ongoing massacre and repression in the North African country.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman to further talk over the issue.

Press TV: How can the US officials justify their long time relationship with Hosni Mubarak whom they now consider as a dictator?

Ralph Schoenman: I think it's important to understand that the US has not merely supported Mubarak for forty years and exchanged literally billions of dollars between the Pentagon and his military in sustaining him there in close coordination with Israeli Mossad, but the US has played the principal role in sustaining in power the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

And indeed on state television yesterday they cited police action in the US against the Occupy Wall Street movement across this country to justify in Egypt the bloody suppression that is ongoing as we speak.

General Mohsen el-Fangari of SCAF invoked a law in March - emergency laws - criminalizing any sit-ins or strikes or demonstrations and threatened that any who do not refrain from demonstrating will be made to pay for it.

What I want to emphasize in this regard with respect to any comments the US makes about Mubarak is that on November 15th the head of the US central military command General James N. Mattis went to Cairo for talks with Field Marshall Tantawi and Sami Anan, the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian armed forces.

James Mattis praised SCAF and pledged to increase and bolster US/Egyptian military ties. He made very clear that the US is absolutely dependent on sustaining and intending to orchestrate the repression in Cairo.

In nine months the generals in Egypt have tried thousands of people in military courts and have vastly expanded the emergency laws - that's what the US relies on with SCAF, this apparatus of the armed forces absent Mubarak whose send off was just cosmetics on the corpse. The same apparatus is sustained in power and the US is its principal backer and author.

Press TV: Can you add to what is the relationship between the US government and Egypt's Supreme Council of armed forces and who's come under pressure by the Egyptian people?

Ralph Schoenman: Well, I've been attempting to address that specifically that the relationship between the US and the SCAF - the Supreme Council Armed Forces - is that of the imperial sponsor and sustainer relying upon the Supreme Council Armed Forces to maintain not merely the dictatorship, but the oligarchy in power; the protection of capitalism in Egypt on the part of the tiny oligarchy that has usurped all financial, economic and political power for itself.

That is what the basic dynamic is - namely to prevent the revolution unfolding in Egypt from actually transforming Egyptian society.

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