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Director Stone raps US war mongering
Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:19AM
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Outstanding US movie director Oliver Stone
US movie director Oliver Stone has lashed out at Washington for its warmongering policies, also criticizing the American public for its apparent indifference towards global developments.

Speaking at a Saturday news conference in Algeria's capital city, Algiers, Stone pointed to the US 'military-industrial power' and described it as a “system that is going to destroy the world.”

Meanwhile, "Americans are not really interested in problems abroad … They have no empathy," he emphasized.

The prominent documentary director pointed to the deepening financial crisis in the US, saying the middle class "is the biggest victim" and that nothing can be done about this “undemocratic” system which has not changed “even after the arrival of Obama,” AFP reported.

Referring to the spread of the anti-capitalism Occupy movement in the US and across the world, Stone called on protesters to focus the hub of their campaign in "Washington and not New York, to have more impact.”

The world-wide Occupy movements began in September after a group of people rallied in New York's financial district with the motto "Occupy Wall Street" to protest corporate greed, top-level corruption and poverty as well as social and economic inequality in the US.

Despite massive and brutal crackdowns on protesters and mass arrests, particularly in New York near Wall Street, the Occupy movement has spread to a number of US cities as well as cities in other countries of the capitalistic system, such as Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal.

Answering a question on Washington's support for Israel, Stone said Israel is a subject “that couldn't be talked about in the US,” and added that the Israelis' “power, money, media and lobbying are so (powerful) that the truth can't come out."

Stone argued that the US media have become "corrupt" since the country launched the war against Vietnam in 1954; however he said he was an optimist and is "convinced that (corruption) can change.”

Oliver Stone, 62, who himself is the son of a Wall Street trader has directed several globally famous movies including “Wall Street” and its sequel “Wall Street: Money never sleeps.”

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