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'Nanodiamonds ain't nuclear bombs'
Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:29PM
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This is a detonation tank to create nanodiamonds, not a nuclear device. (File Photo)
A report reveals that a scientist accused of helping Iran in its nuclear program has been working on the production of nanodiamonds via detonations and not weapons production or nuclear science.

The Washington Post claimed that Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko allegedly tutored Iranians on building high-precision detonators to be used to trigger a nuclear chain reaction.

Danilenko, however, has worked on the production of nanodiamonds via detonations since 1962, invented new methods used in the process and is related with Alit, a Ukrainian company that produces nanodiamonds, the Moon of Alabama website reported.

The diamonds produced in this process are useful for many purposes, like polishing optics or PC hard disks.

Iran is researching on detonation nanodiamonds after launching a Nano Technology Initiative. Iran is officially planning to produce nanodiamonds on an industrial scale. The country also holds regular international conferences and invites nanotechnology experts from all over the world, said the report.

It added that it is quite likely that famous international scientists in that field, such as Dr. Danilenko, have been invited, gave lectures in Iran and cooperated with Iranian scientists.

According to the report, producing nanodiamonds via detonations uses large confined containers with water cooling, for which Danilenko seems to have a patent. The detonation nanodiamond explanation thereby dismisses another allegation from the IAEA report:

The Associated Press reported that UN officials have acquired satellite photos of a bus-size steel container used by Iran for some of the explosives testing.

Having a "bus-size steel container" for explosive testing and research cooperation with Danilenko both fit very well with Iran's plans for nanodiamond production. They do not fit well with anything nuclear, the report concluded.

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