Saturday Oct 29, 201106:08 PM GMT
Iraq's Barzani: PJAK border attacks against Iran 'over'
Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:11PM
Ghanbar Naderi, Press TV, Tehran
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Iran and the Iraqi Kurdistan's regional government have declared that the issue of the terrorist group of PJAK is over. Our correspondent has the details.

These are the remaining elements of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan or PEJAK, a terrorist group with bases in the mountainous regions of northern Iraq. They have over the years attacked and killed hundreds of civilians and border guards in western Iran, southern Turkey and northeastern Syria. But now Iran and the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan are saying that they have come to terms that the terrorist group no longer has any place or future in Iraq's Kurdistan.

ran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said after a meeting with the head of the Iraqi Kurdistan's regional government, that, quote, “Mr. Masoud Barzani has given his words that the PJAK will no longer have the comfort of using Iraqi soil to attack Iran.”

Also to a question from Press TV on the issue of PJAK's clandestine bases along the Iranian borders, Mr. Barzani had this to say:

Barzani is accompanied by a senior delegation during his three-day visit, which is aimed at discussing bilateral ties and regional developments.

Back in September this year, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps forced the terrorist group of PJAK out of northwestern Iran, after killing more than 180, including its deputy commander. Also according to the Iranian and Turkish officials, the Kurdish terrorist group of PKK in Turkey and its offshoot PJAK are a common problem that could only be resolved through a common strategy.
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