Wednesday Oct 26, 201104:25 AM GMT
UN deplores Cuba embargo for 20th time
Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:49AM
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The United Nations General Assembly
The United Nations General Assembly has voted to denounce the US embargo against Cuba for the 20th consecutive year.

On Tuesday, the assembly approved a resolution, saying the US should lift the economic and trade embargo imposed on the Latin American country in 1962, by a wide majority, the Associated Press reported.

The resolution passed 186-2, with Israel the only member joining the US in opposing.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez had earlier pointed to the "categorical and overwhelming" support of the international community against the embargo, saying the US government has projected "a false image of flexibility" on the issue by easing some restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba.

"The blockade and the sanctions remain intact, fully applied and in recent years its extraterritorial character has been accentuated," Rodriguez said.

He stated that under US President Barack Obama "the persecution of Cuban financial transactions" has been stepped up "all over the world, without respecting the laws of third-party countries nor the opposition of their governments."

Rodriquez noted that the embargo has cost Cuba nearly $1 trillion since its implementation about half a century ago.

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said, "The only consequences of the sanctions are the deterioration of the living standard of the Cuban population, creation of artificial barriers to its economic growth and infringement on the rights and interests of third countries."

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