Tuesday Oct 25, 201103:37 PM GMT
Greek public transport goes on strike
Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:39PM
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Greek public transport workers have gone on strike. (File Photo)
Greek public transport workers have taken part in a nationwide 24-hour strike in protest against the government's plans to cut public sector jobs and wages.

Metro, bus and tram services were halted as a result of the Tuesday walkout, leading to heavy traffic jams, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Traffic police were sent to regulate the increasing traffic in the early hours of the day as people were trying to get to work.

The strike follows the approval of the country's unpopular austerity measures by its government days ago.

Greece is struggling to reduce a huge government deficit amid fears of a possible default that may set off a eurozone crisis.

Since last year, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have provided Greece with two rescue packages worth over USD 380 billion in return for tough austerity measures.

The measures, which include cuts to public sector salaries and pensions, tax increases, and an overhaul of the pension system, have sparked nationwide protests in Greece.

Greece must persuade both the EU and the IMF that it is making sufficient financial reforms. Otherwise, it will not receive the next USD 11 billion of bailout loans and will go bankrupt within weeks.

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