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British reverend backs Occupy LSX
Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:56AM
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A retired reverend at St Paul's Cathedral has pledged solidarity with Occupy the London Stock Exchange (LSX) protesters at the Sunday morning service causing friction among cathedral officials.

Reverend Dennis Nadin threw his full weight behind the protesters, described their message as “absolutely what God would be saying.”

“He [God] provided abundant resources for everyone in the world, but they have been unfairly distributed in a way that means people are starving,” Nadin said.

After St Paul's Cathedral was closed under the pretext of protecting the building, the dean of the church, the Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, asked protesters to “recognise the huge issues facing us at this time and … leave the vicinity of the building so that the cathedral can reopen as soon as possible.”

Nevertheless, as protesters insisted that the church officials' demand that they leave the cathedral was motivated by commercial concerns and worries over reductions in their income, Nadin told the Independent on Sunday that he would ask Knowles to fully explain about “health-and-safety reasons” which led to the closure of the church.

Furthermore, the canon of the cathedral, Reverend Giles Fraser, supported the protesters when he told police officers deployed outside the church protecting the building to leave last week, saying he “didn't feel that it needed that sort of protection.”

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