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Liam Fox resigned over Mossad links?
Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:40PM
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British ex-Defense Secretary Liam Fox resigned over fears of Adam Werritty's ties with the Israeli regime's spy agency to go public rather than who paid for his travels with Fox.

Those close to Fox were keen to make it known that the huge bill for Werritty's travels alongside Fox on official and non-official trips was footed by a handful of like-minded friends to the secretary and that nothing was wrong about it.

However, those friends have appeared to be agents of foreign governments especially the Israeli regime's intelligence agency, Mossad, who were working to promote the interests of those governments, the Daily Mail reported.

Indeed, London officials in the Cabinet Office, Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Defense grew especially worried about deeper parliamentary investigations into Fox's relation with Werritty because of the implications of the disclosure for the British national security.

Therefore, hours after Fox appeared before the MPs to explain his links to Werritty, he submitted his resignation letter despite his earlier insistence that he would continue in office in the face of pressures.

While the British government, like any other government, should be securing its own interests, Wessitty's financial supporters made sure he promotes the interests of their affiliated governments including the US and Sri Lanka along with the Israeli regime.

One problem area that needed to be fixed between Tel Aviv and London was the fact that Britain is not a military ally of the Israeli regime while it has shared military interests with Turkey as a NATO members.

The regime saw its interests risked in the UK after the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla and killing of Turkish citizens, which cast a dark shadow on Ankara-Tel Aviv ties.

As for the US, despite close ties between Washington and London, the British government has a few areas of disagreement with the US administration when it comes to national interests.

The risk posed by Werritty was especially serious as he worked to promote the "geo-strategic" interests of foreign governments in exchange for money while Fox considered him a close friends and “unofficial advisor” who was present in the Defense Secretary's meetings with foreign dignitaries and had access to confidential Ministry of Defense documents.

The Daily Mail quoted a Cabinet Office source as saying the Downing Street was especially concerned that Mossad was exploiting Fox as a “useful idiot” in line with its own objectives.

The source also revealed that Werritty's activities were mostly funded by Zionist lobbies along with Mossad.

All that comes to fears that Fox did, in fact, risked Britain's national security by giving unrestricted access to classified defense documents to an agent of the foreign governments pursuing their interests.

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