Saturday Oct 15, 201107:32 PM GMT
Germans join 'Occupy Wall Street'
Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:34PM
Stefan Herrmann, Press TV, Berlin
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People all over Germany have joined demonstrations on the

International Occupy Day. Under the slogan "We are the 99 percent“
more than 8000 people protested in Berlin calling for more democracy
and the end of capitalism and financial greed.

Nationwide organizers counted more than 40.000 protesters. In
Frankfurt, 6000 people demonstrated at the headquarters of the
European Central Bank. Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and many more German
cities saw large demonstrations joined by thousands.

Several political parties supported the worldwide movement against the
current financial system. Michael Sommer, head of the unions, warned
that ruthless investment banks were dividing and unhinging society.
Governments should have the courage to start regulating the financial

Police prevented protesters from storming the parliament building, but
later recalled it a friendly event.

Protesters in Germany were inspired by the 'Occupy Wall Street
Movement' in the US, expressing their anger against corporatism,
poverty and social inequity.
Many more people than expected joined the largely peaceful protests
here in Germany. And surveys show that most Germans support the
movement. People here are convinced that this is only the beginning.
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