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'US schemes plots to justify wars'
Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:10AM
Interview with American philosopher and Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, James H. Fetzer
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An alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States has made headlines.

Why would the Iranian government want to do this? US officials have so far presented relatively little evidence - yet sanctions are looming.

In this edition of Press TV's News Analysis, the possible reasons for the US to make such an allegation are looked at. Is this a move by the US to divert attention from its problems, such as nationwide protests, among others?

American philosopher and Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, James H. Fetzer, joined PressTV from Madison. The following is an approximate transcription of James H. Fetzer's comments.

Press TV: I'd like to refer to Justin Raimondo who is the editorial director of the website He says: How is it that these two Iranians just happen to meet up with a Mexican drug cartel assassin who just happens to be a long time DEA informant?

I mean is there any response to this question that's posed by this editorial director, James Fetzer?

James Fetzer: Everything that has been said so far is completely accurate. We appear to be witnessing the resurrection of Operation Northwoods in which American operatives would commit crimes like assassinations and bombings and blame them on Fidel Castro in order to justify an attack on Cuba.

Hillary Clinton has said that this idea of contacting a Mexican crime syndicate killer to bring this about is so unbelievable; no one could make it up. But the fact is it's a transparently fabricated event.

Not only does Iran have no motive whatsoever but if Iran were to perpetrate such an act it would do so in a stealthy manner. It wouldn't rely on someone like a drug killer whose confidence could not be assured; besides, he's in Mexico, this is supposed to take place in Washington and the reasons appear to be very obvious.

Number one: to distract from the public uprisings. But number two: the Attorney General Eric Holder has been on the hot seat, because of his blunders in relations to "Fast and Furious" where the United States wound up giving large quantities of military weapons to these very drug lords.

And then in the third place of course it exacerbates tension in the Middle East which means that this is being promoted by the allies of Israel in the United States, the Neo-cons. The situation is completely ridiculous and no one who knows anything about intelligence matters would take it seriously.

Press TV: James Fetzer, is the United States really so desperate to turn attention away from its domestic policies regarding these protest movements that they had to go to this extreme?

Tell us whether it is the case if we put it in that context, or is it that, I think Christopher Walker alluded that perhaps there's a connection with Saudi Arabia placing pressure on the US since relations obviously are not at its best with Iran?

James Fetzer: I think this case illustrates the maxim that in Washington the bigger the liar, the further you go. Eric Holder has been on the hot seat for this "Fast and Furious" business.

This is another attempt to make him look good; to salvage his reputation just as the use of troops in Pakistan in the feigned attack on the compound to kill a man who died on December 15, 2001, was staged to elevate Obama's poll standings, reduce attention to his birth certificate issue and justify having those troops there, where we're using predator drones to kill a 140 innocent civilians for every target.

It's embarrassing to say but listening to Collin Powel I'm reminded that not only did we find no weapons of mass destruction but even George Bush himself would eventually admit Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

Independent investigations by the Pentagon and the Senate established that Iraq had not been in collusion with Al-Qaeda and even our own FBI would eventually admit that they had no hard evidence that tied Osama Bin Laden to 9/11.

I'm sorry to say that this kind of fakery and pseudo investigation is disgracing the United States and if Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and Barack Obama are standing behind it then they're going to be candidates to replace the Three Stooges.

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