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'Iran, world's only legitimate democracy'
Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Solat Mortazavi
Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:49PM
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Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Solat Mortazavi says Iran is the only country in the world with a legitimate democracy and which allows various political parties to compete.

“The democracy in developed countries is a kind of a partisan dictatorship and we do not approve of [such] a democracy,” IRNA quoted Mortazavi as saying in Monday.

He added that most governments in the world are unipolar unlike Iran which has three branches -- Executive, Legislative, Judicial -- and a Just Jurisprudent chosen by the people at the top.

Mortazavi said that no other country has had a lawful democracy, a practical version of which could be presented, aside from Iran.

“Iran has the most number of political parties. We have 250 parties in the country which are allowed to [be politically] active,” he added.

“Within the framework of the law, everyone is allowed to undertake political activity and for my own part, as the head of the country's Elections Headquarters I would like to invite all to participate in the elections,” he said.

Mortazavi stressed that nothing can change the will of the nation in Iran and no power can change the fate of the elections, likening the elections to a “transparent box” that can be monitored by all.

He stressed that the circumstances allow Iran to hold a competitive and yet healthy elections.

Iran's 9th parliamentary elections have been set for next March. Potential candidates can register for the elections from December 24 to 30.

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