Monday Oct 10, 201104:45 PM GMT
'US bullying Pakistan in drone row'
Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:44PM
An exclusive interview with professor Liaghat Ali Khan of Washburn University
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A political analyst says that the United States is threatening to impose sanctions on Pakistan if it raises an objection to the ongoing deadly drone strikes in the country's northwestern tribal belt.

Press TV has conducted an interview with professor Liaghat Ali Khan of Washburn University to further talk over the issue. The following is a rough transcript of the interview.

Press TV: How long will the US continue its drone attacks in Pakistan and how will these attacks affects ties with Pakistan, eventually?

Liaghat Ali Khan: I am not sure but I think the dysfunctional relationship between Pakistan and the US, which is escalating right now, is not helped by these drone attacks.

Pakistan has been opposing the drone attacks ever since they started. But it seems like they do not have any real power to stop them. So I am not sure how this thing is going to end.

Press TV: Why does the US attack this country, is it just because they are afraid of Taliban militants, or is that just an excuse?

Liaghat Ali Khan: No, I think that the United States is very afraid of having its soldiers killed. So it seems like they have invented this new weapon which can kill the enemy safely, and that is why they are very popular in the United States, because drones pose very little risk to American forces. And it is very unfortunate.

I think a lot of scholars call them morally coward weapons because if you really believe in your mission, then I think a nation would bring its soldiers in order to support that mission.

But these pilotless drones, even though they kill the enemy, they pose no threat to the soldiers of the United States. I think this is not the right way to fight a war in which you believe in.

So I am not sure if the United States would quit using these drones because the United States does not want risk to its soldiers.

Press TV: What can Pakistan do in this situation since they receive military aid from the US?

Liaghat Ali Khan: I think Pakistan cannot do much. I think the way to deal with the United States is probably the Iranian way which is to put a lot of resistance to a possible attack on your country.

But I think, unfortunately, Pakistan has been very weak in resisting the US pressure, and Pakistan has opened all these windows to which the United States can take advantage and attack Pakistan.

So, I think Pakistan's foreign policy and Pakistan's military policy with respect to the United States has been dead wrong. And because of that, Pakistan will continue to suffer these drone attacks and, perhaps, other sanctions.

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