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'US fighting a failed war in Afghanistan'
Sat Oct 8, 2011 8:40AM
Interview with Liaghat Ali Khan, Professor of Law at Washburn University, Kansas.
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Obama has warned Pakistan that it must help expose the Haqqani network of the Taliban, but Pakistan is afraid of revenge bombings in its own cities on its people.

Press TV talks with Liaghat Ali Khan, Professor of Law at Washburn University in Kansas about the pressure on the Pakistani government in its fight against US-made terrorism to support Obama's last ditch attempt to manifest a departure victory against the Taliban; but at risk of destroying peace in Pakistan and the region. Following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The now much hated Haqqani network's head was once the CIA's “blue-eyed boy” - those were the words of Pakistan's foreign minister. If Haqqani was the US's own making, why is the Pakistani government to blame?

Liaghat Ali Khan: Its' a very difficult issue for Pakistan because Pakistan cannot afford to have (the potential for) suicide bombing in most of its cities.

Haqqani network is the fierce sub-group of the Taliban who are fighting the occupiers in Afghanistan so I think the plan is that if the US and Pakistan together can kill the Haqqani group then the US can leave Afghanistan with a departure victory.

And I think this departure victory is not coming because Pakistan feels it would not be in the interest of its cities and its people to invite the Haqqani network to attack the people in Pakistan.

Press TV: The argument in the US goes that if the Haqqani were to be designated as a terrorist group can we kiss any notion of a peace deal in Afghanistan goodbye?

Liaghat Ali Khan: Yes. I think the problem is that there cannot be a peace deal in Afghanistan without the active participation of the Taliban leadership. That means that the US would leave Afghanistan to the same people whom it drove out of power and with whom it has been fighting a failed war for over ten years. So this is a very bitter pill for the US to swallow - that it will be leaving Afghanistan to the same people that it drove out of power.

So, the US doesn't know how to quit Afghanistan because there cannot be any peace in Afghanistan unless the Taliban are brought into the negotiation equation.

Press TV: From the start Pakistan's siding with the US in this war on terror has been a move that has cost its people and economy a lot - Where does one go from here then, from the Pakistani view point?

Liaghat Ali Khan: I think from the Pakistani viewpoint the war in Afghanistan will end. I think we are in the last few weeks of the active war in Afghanistan; the US would leave and the region will be back to its nations.

I think Iran and Pakistan and China - these three countries will have to play a very coordinated role in bringing peace to the region. And it seems to me that China, Iran and Pakistan are thinking in terms of coordination and creating new forces in the region so that peace and prosperity can be brought to all nations in the region.

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