Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:19PM
File photo shows the Scottish and UK flags.
File photo shows the Scottish and UK flags.

A British survey has revealed Britons’ attitudes hardening towards Scotland, whichever way the Scottish people vote in next month’s independence referendum.

The Future of England survey 2014, released on Wednesday, found that 53 percent of English voters are against sharing the pound with an independent Scotland.

The study, undertaken by researchers at Cardiff University and the ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change, based at the University of Edinburgh, also found that 56 percent of British voters want Scottish spending cuts in the event that Scotland remains in the union.

In addition, the survey revealed 62 percent of respondents want Scottish MPs to “be prevented from voting on laws that apply only in England” following a no vote.

Furthermore, the findings showed the English voters are pessimistic regarding future relations between England and Scotland, with only one in ten believing relations would improve following a yes vote, while 37 percent think the two countries would continue to “drift apart.”

Professor Charlie Jeffery, of Edinburgh University, said it was “striking” how tough the English are on Scotland.”

Meanwhile, a Yes Scotland spokesman commented on the findings, saying, “It is a real concern for a growing number of Scots that Scotland’s budget is in Westminster’s crosshairs and waiting to be slashed in the event of a No vote.”

The independence referendum is set to be held on September 18. Scots will decide on whether they should break away from, or stay with the UK after more than 300 years of political union.