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Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:0PM
Human rights activist Rajab speaks of Bahraini jail ordeal

Human rights activist Rajab speaks of Bahraini jail ordeal

Bahraini Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab has arrived in the British capital following his release from a jail in Manama. He held a press conference in the House of Parliament to speak of his ordeal. But Rajab’s arrival was met with brutal treatment by British security forces.
Prominent Bahraini Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab is in London following his release from a 2 year prison sentence for participating in peaceful protests in Manama in 2012. His sentence was slammed by Amnesty international, human rights watch & the UN. In a press conference at the UK's House of Lords, Rajab used his ordeal to raise awareness of what others in Bahrain are currently undergoing in the regime's prisons. But upon his arrival in London with his family, rather than being welcomed, he was subjected to brutal and humiliating harassment by security forces at London's Heathrow Airport. Nabeel Rajab's treatment at the hands of Britain's security apparatus sends a wider message to the world that Britain's relationship with Bahrain's ruling Al Khalifah family remains as strong as ever, and no amount of atrocities and human rights abuses will ever change that.
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