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An American author criticizes the United States for being “hypocritical” in its foreign policy while dealing with different countries and nations.

Vice President of the Future of Freedom Foundation Sheldon Richman said the White House has been pressuring Kremlin after people in Crimea decided to divide from Ukraine and rejoin Russia following a referendum.

“The West has been hypocritical. It was perfectly all right to divide Sudan… also in Kosovo we had a referendum and that was fine to take away part of heartland of Serbia and that was democratic,” said Richman in an interview with press TV.

Richman, also the editor of FFF's monthly journal, added that Crimea which was part of Russia until 1954 voted massively in favor of separation from Ukraine.

“The vote had a 86 percent turnout and over 90 percent of the people who voted favored the reunification with Russia. This is after serious provocations, like the abolition of Russian as official language” by Ukrainian officials, Richman said.

He went on to add that there is a similar situation in eastern and southern parts of Ukraine where a very large majority of Russian-speaking population are being attacked by the Ukrainian army for their willingness to be independent.

The US has repeatedly expressed its full support for the Ukrainian military operation in eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

Washington has approved more than 23 million dollars in security assistance to Ukraine in recent months. US President Barack Obama also promised to provide Kiev with an additional five million dollars in military aid earlier this week.

“American politicians are taking very dangerous positions while the American public is not informed of the full issues,” Richman concluded.