Sat May 3, 2014 10:0AM
The File photo shows a rally by supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
The File photo shows a rally by supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The continued failure of the policies of Washington and its allies against the Syrian government constitutes a major victory for Iran, a senior Iranian commander says.

“Now after 40 months, the political and military arena in Syria indicates the triumph of the Syrian government and this is a strategic victory,” Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a senior military adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said on Saturday.

“The strategy of the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and European countries to overthrow [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad has failed,” Rahim Safavi pointed out.

“This is a strategic failure for the Western, Arab and Zionist front and a big victory for the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies -- especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey -- are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.

On April 13, President Bashar al-Assad said the war in Syria had shifted strongly in favor of government forces as they had made continuous gains against the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the Arab country.

Rahim Safavi also hailed the upcoming elections in Syria and noted that participation of candidates from different political spectrums, including the opposition figures, underlines Assad’s resolve to implement reforms in the country.

Syrians will go to the polls on June 3 to elect their next president as Damascus has insisted that it would hold the vote despite the foreign-backed militancy that has plagued the country for more than three years.

A total of 24 hopefuls officially registered their candidacy to run in Syria’s upcoming presidential election before the registration deadline expired on Thursday.