Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:59PM
An analyst says the US censors alternative media to hide truth.
An analyst says the US censors alternative media to hide truth.

The government of the United States continues to stifle alternative media as part of its long-time policy of feeding lies to the American people, an analyst writes for the Press TV website.

“The US government is trying to stymie the spread of truth by abolishing net neutrality in order to literally ‘slow down’ the alternative media,” Kevin Barrett wrote.

He added that Americans have been “fed a steady diet of lies” for more than five decades.

Barrett stated that the US is spreading “myths” like being “a bastion of freedom and democracy” in a bid to “hypnotize the masses.”

He said the “viral spread of truth” terrifies the American leaders whom he described as “the shadow-masters who control Plato's cave.”

Barrett said the US Federal Communications Commission’s directive last week allowing big media to buy up internet “fast lanes” would “kill net neutrality,” adding that the decision leaves “the alternative media, nonprofits, and ordinary users stuck on the internet equivalent of a dirt road.”

“The net neutrality debate raises a philosophical question: Should we allow big money to control mass consciousness?” asked the analyst.

Barrett noted that US mainstream media “lie incessantly,” adding, “The worldview they peddle is a mythic delusion at best, a psychotic fantasy at worst.”