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‘Get US gov. out of way on unemployment’
Mon Apr 7, 2014 4:24PM
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Both the US Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the ineffective government programs and high unemployment rate in the United States, Libertarian Party political director says.

“Big Government in the US – put in place by both Democrats and Republicans - is causing high unemployment,” Carla Howell told Press TV in a phone interview on Monday.

She explained that the only way out of the unemployment problem is “to get government out of the way.”

“High taxes, government overspending and debt, bailouts, unnecessary wars, government regulations and thousands of failed and wasteful Big Government programs – including phony jobs training programs – are precisely why the US is losing its competitive edge in world markets,” she said.

Howell said that the reason Americans can’t fill 4 million job openings available in the country is not the lack of proper job training. “In many cases, employers can’t fill jobs because the government imposes too many rules and regulations on them, prohibiting them from hiring people who are qualified.”

She also called for an end to the “government-mandated Minimum Wage” saying that “government bureaucrats are not qualified to say who is, or is not, qualified for a job. Only employers can and should make that decision.”

“This will allow poor people to get jobs they want – that the government says they’re not allowed to have,” she concluded.


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