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Fri Mar 7, 2014 11:23PM
UK lawyers on strike over legal aid cuts

UK lawyers on strike over legal aid cuts

In Britain, thousands of lawyers have gone on strike to protest planned legal aid cuts. Proceedings in major courts across England and Wales have been disrupted while hundreds of solicitors and barristers marched on the Houses of Parliament in London.
Britain’s Lawyers and Barristers have gone on strike against the coalition government’s cuts to Legal Aid. Legal Aid is public funding which ensures all citizens have access to legal representation regardless of their financial status.The lawyers held their demonstration outside parliament calling on Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to reverse his attack on what they say is a critical public service. For these solicitors and barristers behind me, going on strike was the final resort, but they feel they have no other choice in order to battle against Chris Grayling's legal reforms which they say will cut access to legal protections for the poor, children and even for the disabled. Mr Grayling is the first non-lawyer in over 400 years to hold the post of Lord Chancellor and campaigners say he has been less than forthcoming with them. What we would like for Chris Grayling to do is to take the brave step of actually waiting until the report by Lord Justice Levinson is completed. we want him to halt the cuts for both solicitors and barristers, wait for this full report which will show up in the hundreds the inefficiencies in the criminal justice system and we’ll show him how money can be saved and when he has done that, he will have the savings he needs and he won't have to attack legal aid and the vulnerable this way. The cuts made by Grayling would reverse decades of legal tradition in the UK, making him notorious for decades more to come as the man who rolled back universal access to legal protection in the uk. The protestors contempt for him need not wait so long. It is already clear what they think of him.
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