Fri Mar 7, 2014 3:26AM
Anti-Russians display controversial US Confederate flag in Kiev

Anti-Russians display controversial US Confederate flag in Kiev

Many African-Americans in the United States are furious to see the symbol of the Confederate States of America displayed in the capital city of Ukraine. The flag of the Confederacy, nicknamed the "Stars and Bars" is one of the most controversial symbols in the United States.
This was the flag of slave holding states in the United States that seceded in 1861, causing Civil War. Today the symbol is used by the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi groups, and other organizations who are hostile to African-Americans. For the last several decades, protests have continued, demanding that this flag not be displayed in public places. Many people were greatly disturbed to see that the Confederate Flag is now being displayed, not in the United States, but in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Larry Holmes, a civil rights activist in New York City, explained why the flag is so offensive. After Kiev was seized by US backed anti-Russia protesters, the confederate flag was displayed in city hall. Holmes says that this causes him to be very concerned about the new regime. Holmes is very concerned about the nature of the new, US backed government in Ukraine, which includes leaders who openly admire former German dictator Adolf Hitler. In the region of Crimea, much of the population has rejected the new government. Sections of the army have defected to form "Self-Defense Units." It is unclear what will happen next, as violence and instability continues in Ukraine. Caleb Maupin, PressTV, New York.
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