Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:7PM
An image of the Israeli massacre of Sabra and Shatila in 1982
An image of the Israeli massacre of Sabra and Shatila in 1982

A Presbyterian Church group has described Zionism as the single reason behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying it is destroying the lives of both Palestinians and Jewish communities across the world.

In a study guide on the Israeli regime released by the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of Presbyterian Church (USA) last month, the authors argue that Jewish criticism of Zionism is on the rise, hailing the Jews who speak against the ‘supremacist’ movement.

“Contemporary voices are breaking the taboos that have stigmatized and punished critical examination of Zionism and its consequences,” says the study guide, calling on the brave Jews who criticize Zionism to resist a concerted effort by Pro-Zionist groups to silence them.

The study guide, dubbed Zionism Unsettled, also argues that most Jews reject Zionism and choose to live outside the Israeli-occupied Palestinian lands, depicting Jewish life inside the Islamic Republic of Iran as “alive and well.”

Zionism Unsettled further highlights the crimes perpetrated by the occupying regime of Israel against Palestinians, saying, “They (Israelis) slaughtered untold numbers of Palestinian men, women, and children.”

“The Nakba (catastrophe) that befell the Palestinian people in the late 1940s should never have taken place. The Palestinian story is one of suffering at the hands of the international community, which authorized the division of Palestine in 1947, and at the hands of the Zionists who planned, organized, and implemented systematic ethnic cleansing,” according to the study guide.

The study guide also points to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian lands, saying the Zionist regime has been intentionally depopulating Palestinian villages since 1948.

“Now, 65 years later, the Zionist quest for demographic control of the land in still underway – not only in the occupied territories, but within Israel itself,” says the study guide, adding that the Zionist regime’s “planners pursue the goal of ensuring a ‘contiguous Jewish presence’ in every area within Israel.”

The study guide also casts doubt on Israeli’s faith in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and says, “It is hard to find any evidence” that the regime “has any intention of negotiating a just peace with Palestinians.”