Mon Feb 3, 2014 2:22PM
Sunday February 2nd was World Wetlands Day. This year being the 43rd anniversary the international event was dubbed “Wetlands & Agriculture Partners for Growth.” This international event became organized under the Treaty of Ramsar named after the Irnaian city of Ramsar in 1971. The convention is an intergovernmental treaty that provides national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use preservations of wetlands and their resources The convention's member countries cover all geographic regions of the planet. The Ramsar Convention is the only global environmental treaty that deals with a particular ecosystem. The Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP) started in 2005 to conserve three wetlands. Lake Urmia (between East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces), Lake Shadegan (in Khuzestan Province), and Lake Parishan (in Fars province). May of 2013 Iran Department of Environment (DOE) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) started the second phase of the (CIWP) to hep conserve Iran’s three main wetlands.