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US congress members are trying to “outdo one another” to prove their allegiance to Israel by approving a large amount of financial assistance to Tel Aviv at the expense of their nation, says Hugh Miles, an award-winning journalist and author.

The US Congress authorized a bill, introduced jointly by the House of Representatives and Senate budget committees, which allocates $284 million to fund Israel’s missile systems program at a time the US itself is struggling to cope with a budget crunch. 

“There is nothing new in Congress voting to support Israel. Members of Congress strive to outdo one another with their loyalty and support for Israel and they have done this sfor many years,” said Miles, who specializes in Middle East issues, in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

The figure approved by Congress is triple the amount the Obama administration had requested.

“The fact that this fund in which a large amount of money has been earmarked for Israel continues a pattern that we have been seeing going on for many years” he said.

“The question is when Congress will start to change its behavior and act more in line with the American public, the American voters and the wider world in how it treats Israel.”  

Miles believes that Congress members are trying to treat Israel with kid gloves because they know “from past experience” that pro-Israel lobbies “have the power to remove them from the Congress if they don’t bend over backwards to show their allegiance to Israel.”