Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:8PM
U-K’s leading charities and think-tanks warn that the government’s current policies are pushing up the number of Britons forced to live in temporary accommodation or homelessness. Welfare cuts, a shortage of affordable housing and rising costs mean thousands are facing housing insecurity. Press TV’s Amina Taylor reports.
Keeping a roof over your head in the UK is becoming increasingly more expensive and problematic. A new ‘state of the nation’ report by homeless charity Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation paint an alarming picture of the country’s growing housing crisis. There’s been a 10% rise in those housed in temporary accommodation and a 6% spike in those forced to sleep rough.Dawn Butler is a Labour politician working in Brent, west London. As the debate continues about how to alleviate the effects of the growing housing crisis, thousands of families in the capital and throughout the UK will be facing an uncertain future. Spiraling house prices, limited affordable accommodation options and benefits caps have all converged to heap more misery on already over stretched British budgets. The government disputes this stating £190m extra has been allocated to local councils.With a shortfall in available housing and a squeezing of existing budgets, many more families will find themselves without a roof over their heads before the crisis is addressed.