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Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:27PM
Tunisia security forces warn of terror threats

Tunisia security forces warn of terror threats

Violence in Tunisia has claimed the lives of two politicians and dozens of soldiers so far this year. Now security experts say that the militants involved in such attacks were actually trained in Libya, and have been fighting in Syria.
The Southern border region between Tunisia and Libya is a closed military zone where the army is fighting against terrorists who were responsible for dozens of attacks which killed more than 20 soldiers and policemen since July 2013. The Unions of Police forces have declared that the armed militants joined training camps in Libya and have been fighting with foreign backed-insurgents in Syria Security forces warned against the return of Tunisian militants after fighting along with terrorist groups in Syria. Analysts believe that the government's proclaimed war on Terror will last for years because terrorist groups in the region are backed by foreign countries. Tunisian Interior Ministry says roughly 4-thousand Tunisians have been trained in Libya before joining the war on Syria. Dozens of these militants have been arrested since their return and for planning terror attacks on Tunisian soil. Experts say Libyan cities have become a safe haven for armed groups who represent a serious threat to Tunisia's national security.
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