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American author Dean Henderson believes that President Barack Obama will not bow to Israel’s pressure to discredit nuclear talks between Iran and the six major world powers. “I don’t think Obama is going to cave this time to the Zionist lobby,” Henderson told Press TV on Sunday when asked about efforts being made by Israeli officials to disrupt the upcoming nuclear negotiations. He added that the rift between the United States and Israel, which is under the control of the global “banking cartel”, was widening. “But the right-wing element in the United States is mad about it because they get a lot of money from AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), and they get a lot of money from these guys, so they’ll raise a fuss that we are not hawkish enough on Iran,” he noted. Israel began its lobbying efforts after it found out that Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany were close to an agreement in the latest round of talks in Geneva. Last week, Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett pressed US lawmakers to pass tough new sanctions on Iran. The White House, however, is resisting the increasing pressure from Congress over Iran sanctions. White House press secretary Jay Carney warned that imposing tougher sanctions against Tehran could lead to war. Henderson said he believes Secretary of the State John Kerry is “negotiating with faith” over Iran’s nuclear program. He said Kerry has ignored Britain and France which are trying to derail the nuclear talks. “Kerry just kind of rode over that and we’re still negotiating and it’s going to get done.” France “threw a monkey wrench” into a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in Geneva under the influence of the Israeli regime and oil-rich Saudi Arabia. On November 9, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said “Israel’s concerns” must be taken into consideration in the course of the negotiations. AT/HJ