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Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:39AM
Looters threaten Venezuela’s stability

Looters threaten Venezuela’s stability

Looting continued in several cities of Venezuela over the weekend as the government sent soldiers to restore security at a chain of electronic stores. Inspectors were also charged with checking out the reports of illegal high prices at some stores across the country.
Caracas, Valencia and Los Teques among other cities of Venezuela showed scenes of looting at retail stores on Saturday and Sunday after President Nicolas Maduro ordered military force to take control of a chain of electronics items which go by the name of Daka and JVG and Pablo Electronic and general Import. These disturbing scenes have left many Venezuelans ashamed and fueled opposition claims that Maduro is stirring chaos rather than defending the poor. However, President Maduro has denounced opposition leaders such as Henrique Capriles and Maria Corina Machado for being intellectual promoters of such loots for political reasons and has ordered police to stop these criminal acts. Meanwhile, Maduro has asked the State's General Attorney to start a rapid investigation into the recent incidents. Nonetheless, some Venezuelans support Maduro's economic measure which they say is the best way to keep the prices from going up. Some critics say Maduro tries to excite his working-class electoral base but that will not help him for municipal elections in December. But socialists believe Maduro still has enough popularity among Venezuelans in order to move forward with his policies.
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