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Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:50AM
Afghan protesters burn an American flag during an anti-US demonstration. (File photo)

Afghan protesters burn an American flag during an anti-US demonstration. (File photo)

Afghan demonstrators have gathered on the streets of Kabul to protest against a potential security deal on the future of the US military involvement in the country. Fayez Khorshid, Press TV correspondent in Kabul reports that a large number of people including key politicians and tribal elders gathered in the capital on Sunday to voice opposition to a draft deal known as the Bilateral Security Agreement between Kabul and Washington. The demonstration had been organized by the National Unity and Anti-Foreign Military Bases Front, led by former Afghan Prime Minister Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai. The demonstrators called for a swift US military pullout, saying that there is no need for the security deal, which, if signed, would require American forces to remain in Afghanistan for years to come. More than 85,000 foreign troops are stationed in Afghanistan of which the majority are American. The decision on whether the bilateral deal should be signed will be made during an assembly of Afghanistan’s tribal elders, the Loya Jirga, on November 19 to 21, though it would need further approval by the Afghan parliament. Washington has recently been piling up pressure on Kabul to sign the pact. The anti-US sentiment has increased in Afghanistan particularly due to a rise in the number of civilian casualties as a result of US-led attacks. Afghanistan remains gripped by insecurity over a decade into the US-led invasion of the country. GMA/HSN/HRB
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