Mon Nov 4, 2013 11:59PM
Venezuela’s murder rate is spiraling out of control, with more than 490 deaths reported in the capital Caracas, during the past month alone. Statistics show 65 percent of the deaths are homicides. The government is trying its best to slow down the rising figures, but how successful will it be?
The crime rate is spiraling in Venezuela. Last month saw 494 deaths in the capital, an estimated 65 per cent of which were homicides. Caracas is fast becoming the most dangerous city in the world with over 20,000 deaths reported in the South American country last year. With an average 71 homicides occurring every day, living in fear of violence is taking its toll on the Venezuelan public. The majority of Venezuela’s insecurity problems and high murder figures originate from its slums, unplanned areas where the public to police ratio is around three thousand to one. Due to the minimal police presence the inhabitants of these areas believe it is the gangs who rule supreme rather than Venezuela’s security forces. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist government have taken a number of steps to combat these murder rates, ranging from adding the country’s armed forces into the fight against crime to going back to the basics of educating the people. Last week the president made a speech to 5,000 newly trained police officers, stating” “either we build peace from within, from community, family and our youth, or there will never be peace”. The people here in the Venezuelan capital now hope that the government’s new security measure will halt the rising tide of violence.