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Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:53AM
GOP donor, Sheldon Adelson

GOP donor, Sheldon Adelson

In an interview with Press TV, Gareth Porter, an investigative journalist from Washington, shares his thoughts regarding the comments made by the biggest donor to the US Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson, about Iran. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview. Press TV: We are looking at this gentleman Adelson. He was a staunch supporter of Mitt Romney in terms of the elections in the United States. Doesn’t this stance and these types of statements do more harm towards the case of Israel against Iran than what he thinks as something that is just almost illogical in terms of what he has said? Porter: Absolutely, it should be an embarrassment to the Republican Party, to those candidates including Nude Gingrich as well as Romney who were getting money from Adelson and by the way, you did not mention the fact that Adelson has also been Benjamin Netanyahu’s primary donor over the years as well. It should be an embarrassment to all these people who have gotten money from him. The question is where is the questioning of those people who have gotten money from Adelson by the news media? Why is this not a continuing story? It should be definitely something that has given a great deal of scrutiny in terms of why people in prominent positions in both Israel and most prominent positions in Israeli and American politics have concerted with somebody who displays this kind of not only lack of moral sensitivity but simply in a most obvious kind of stupidity in making remarks like that. Press TV: In saying nuking Iran and something that I am not too sure is just an exaggeration or did he mean it or not but also shows the mentality that perhaps in a certain way extends to Israel itself. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he would go alone if the Iranian nuclear program not resolved the way he thinks it should be resolved. Is it possible to think of it that way also? Porter: Well, I think this should not be taken seriously as a policy proposal. I do not believe for a moment that it has been considered by Israel as a policy word to be considered by anyone in Israeli politics. The Israeli military would immediately veto it and I do not think it will be possible for it to have any life. I think it is really simply an indication of the kind of very loose talk that passes for serious discussion in places that should know better. Again I think that this should be causing a great deal of pain in American political establishment particularly in the Republican part of the establishment. But I am afraid the reality is that this is the kind of thing that people in the news media tend to not follow up on because I think it is simply not regarded as their job to do that kind of follow-up. MSK/HSN
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