Tue Oct 1, 2013 6:30PM
A group of Palestinian farmers in Nablus say a group of Israeli settlers kidnapped them as they were harvesting olive. The farmers say this is only a small example of the Israeli settlers' aggression against the Palestinian residents in the area.
Palestinians say Israeli settlers kidnapped 10 Palestinian farmers in the South of Nablus and held them until the early hours of the morning. The incident took place on a Palestinian farm in Aqraba. The farmers say settlers from illegal Itimar settlement surrounded them and pointed guns to their heads. A Palestinian farmer explained to me that this is part of the strategy by the settlers to gain more land to expand their settlement. Abdulla explained that the Itimar settlement is large and the settlers attack Palestinians continuously. The heavily armed settlers from Itimar have recently seized hundreds of acres of land from the neighboring Palestinian villages of Awarta and Aqraba by bulldozing the land and surrounding it with electric fences. Although all of the Palestinians were released within a short period of time, the villagers say that they're living in fear of the extremist settlers of Itimar. They blame Tel Aviv for their illegal policy of settlement expansion in the West Bank.