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The US government’s goals in Syria clearly differ from what it has stated, which is solving the chemical weapons issue in the Arab country, an author and investigative journalist in Philadelphia says. “It’s clear that the United States’ goals are not what it says--not solving the problem of gas or chemical weapons in Syria,” Dave Lindorff told Press TV on Sunday. “The US is not acting like a country that’s trying to solve the problem,” Lindorff added. Washington has claimed that the Syrian government is responsible for a chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 and says Syria must eliminate its weapons stockpile. Damascus made a full declaration of its chemical arms stocks under a deal with Russia to put the weapons under international control with the goal of destroying them by mid-2014. A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds most Americans still have little confidence in either President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry to handle the situation in Syria. According to the poll, just 36 percent of Americans approve of Obama's handling of the Syrian conflict, while 51 percent disapprove. AHT/DB