Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:6PM
Former CIA Director and retired US Army General David Petraeus has been heckled by a group of protesters who called him a “war criminal.” The protesters from The City University of New York (CUNY) followed Petraeus as he walked down a street in New York City to teach his first class at the university. The students called Petraeus a “war criminal,” a “murderer” and a “disgusting imperialist.” A student said, "That's Petraeus, he's a war criminal!" "Disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself," another student said. They also voiced their opposition to his presence at the CUNY, shouting "every class, David," and "Petraeus out of CUNY." Petraeus, who resigned from the CIA last year over his extramarital affair scandal, was offered a position as a visiting professor at CUNY. The retired general played vital roles in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars during his military career. Petraeus was responsible for training Iraqi forces during the US occupation. He was accused of ordering the intentional drone bombing funerals and other civilian targets in Afghanistan, a war crime under the International Criminal Court. The former CIA director has been a supporter of a military strike against Syria. AGB/AGB