Sat Sep 7, 2013 12:23PM
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey, CIA Director (first staff meeting, 1981) The Obama administration Syrian war strategy is slowly being revealed as their psyops continues to unfold in a way similar to the Bush II coup. They are playing one card at a time to test public reaction and mid course corrections, while holding off on additional 'surprises' if needed to kick off the big event. As we expected the war opposition is not only growing, but for the first time there is a general awareness that dark forces are involved, here at home. People see signs of another subversive coup in progress. We have been surprised at Veterans Today by the mentioning of concerns we have never heard before, the most shocking being that maybe only a 'loyal military counter coup' can save us from impending disaster and to 'fix' wherever this al-Qaeda allied strategy originated from...permanently. Here is a short recap of the analysis and clues on the table now. The Obama administration concerns over chemical weapons civilian deaths are falling on deaf ears. Why? Because those folks have shown no real concern over the over 100,000 killed and 8 million refugees, most of whom have lost everything but their lives. These Syrian people have been nothing more than collateral damage, the view you would expect from people with icebergs for hearts. It is not even a debate that the US government has been supporting the biggest ongoing terrorist operation in modern times. By using the Qataris and now Saudi Arabia as a thin veil has fooled no one. It also has been an international crime against humanity which deserves the appropriate punishment. The Neo-Axis of Evil is now the Obama Administration (America is not behind him), along with pitiful the British and French regimes (we don't hold the people responsible) are now front and center, along with the Zionist regime. As a group they are the biggest national security threat to everyone else on the planet. This has stimulated conversation of a new possible world alignment, everyone else together, including allies here, against them...the regimes, not their people. I hate to overuse this line of mine, but “you just can't make this stuff up”. Putin is now more popular than an American president, and you can add George Bush II in with that, who is held in utter contempt by the military and Intel community as a sock puppet for his daddy's hoodlums who brought our country to its knees. That Cheney had to have his heart replaced is an irony lost on many. People are actually joking about how maybe we need to ask for foreign intervention here, with military support and all, to save us from the rot taking place. The new Wall Street Journal poll is showing public approval of Congress and the White house at record lows, yet this seems to be of concern to only a handful. There are rumors of a huge split in the military, from the top to the bottom, including their families. They see no legitimate outside threat, and they are correct. The mortal threat is here. This was laid out in Gordon Duff's Press TV Viewpoints article, US deployed nuke force before Syria crisis. It is a must read. We see strong signs of the administration hunkering down and preparing a series of options to deal with American public opinion if they feel necessary. Only phony justifications have been put on the table so far, which is even more scary. Major nuclear deployments have been made, and some without those usually in the loop involved. The military command itself is on spook alert. Many are having to now mentally process that they may be forced to pick a side...publicly...and soon. This has many old timers, astute at reading the tea leaves, very concerned to say the least. I am seeing a trap here for Iran, to use the Syrian strike as a way to trigger overt support from Iran by active military support for Syria. If none would be forth coming, then a false flag attack would be used to trigger a full scale attack on Iran. That is being considered as the end game here, along with a humiliation of Russia and China via their possibly doing nothing about it. We saw the move this week to cast them as a 'threat' for blocking UN Security Council stamp of approval for a Syrian strike. This was a major escalation. There was a leak today, with all the signs of classic 'staging' that Iran had instructed al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack American facilities there, like the Green Zone. This is obviously a recklessly bogus ploy as the entire Intel community knows that the Saudis now are backing and controlling al-Qaeda in Iraq, part of the Obama administration sanctioned destabilization terror campaign. The al-Qaeda killers would no more take instructions from Iran than the man on the moon. The signs that this current crisis has been months in the planning and that the gassing event was just part of a staged managed play to salvage whatever the goal of what they thought regime change on the cheap was going to be. We had the national embarrassment this week of John Kerry mentioning that the Persian Gulf States had agreed to pay us as mercenaries. I had covered more of this in my earlier Viewpoints, We are all al-Qaeda now, if Obama says so? Another batch of clues revolve around the current stage managing. We have a verifiable history of the insurgents being fed chemical weapons so there would be multiple options to choose from when a 'red line' trigger was needed or desired. Not only has the American media hardly breathed a word about any of these chemical weapons set ups, but none of the current Congressional debate has dealt with it as a key factor. The only conclusion is that powerful forces have been able to censor any open discussion on what they know their Achilles heel to be...the public learning that the real bad guys, the real threat, are subversive elements within the US, Britain and France, plus Israel. The Zios have deployed all of their espionage assets in a full scale assault on our political debate. AIPAC is only able to do this due to long standing protection from the same subversive elements that I mention above. Their espionage infrastructure should have been cleaned out in the 1980s. But we do see the tide turning with more and more people contacting us to acknowledge that we were right...that treasonous elements here at home were allowing the Zio-spies to continue operations here, with a 'stand down' by the FBI, because they were doing 'useful things' for the above subversive elements. Not only are Americans finally coming to understand this but people around the world. As the big State Dept poll showed after 911, up to 90% of the people from Muslim countries liked Americans and most would move here if they could. Their only problem was with the American government's offensive policies in the Muslim world. The Bush II coupmeisters completely ignored this report and invented a their poll that 'they hate our freedoms and way of life'. Our biggest disappointment in Obama is that he fought the good fight against the international criminal regime attack on America by getting one of their top members, George Romney in as president, and it was a very closely run duel. Romney had promised the Israelis and those behind them pushing for an Iran attack that would have collapsed the world economy and triggered Marshall Law everywhere. The readers here are all smart enough to understand who the only group is that would have benefited from that, and who really is the collective enemy of all the rest of us. But 'they' are the ones that have 'effective' control over our governments. They have set the game up where we would have to exhaust all of our resources fighting our own governments to get back control over them, rather than attacking the 'super criminals' directly. That is why we are having a growing army of homeland security people telling us that they are coming to see that DHS efforts to protect us from outside enemies is just a small part of their agenda. Their major effort is in preparing to be able to protect some a current or future regime here from the American people themselves. Why would they be worried about that? Do they have something in the works they are planning on doing where they expect the people to go after them? We are in a very dangerous time. Those of you in the war monger countries with Zionist lobbies at the throats of your legislatures, you are running out of time. That which you can do now, you may never be able to do in the future. You have to put the fear into them, more so than the Jewish Lobbies and the banksters have. We are soon going into a month long FEMA nationwide terror drill for infrastructure attacks here. These drills have been the method of choice for creating backdrops for running domestically sponsored, government or rogue government element terror attacks to suspend the Constitution. We need to get this drill canceled. If we do not, we are leaving a loaded gun to our heads where if someone who wants to pull the trigger, everything will be in place to do so and blame it on a patsy. They did so on 911, and that anniversary is just around the corner. Is this just their cruel sense of humor, or a peek into the black hole of pure evil? JWD/SL