Thu Sep 5, 2013 8:25AM
As the US races against time to get the congressional approval for an attack on Syria, countries in South America have decided to offer refuge to thousands of displaced Syrians. More than 3-hundred Syrian refugee families have already arrived in Argentina.
More than two million Syrians are seeking refuge abroad as part of an exodus officially called by the United Nations as the “great tragedy of the century”. But it seems it matters not how already alarming developments in the so called Syrian crisis can unfold amid US preparations for a military strike against the Arab country. The number of those fleeing their homeland for humanitarian reasons could shoot up in the event of a possible American attack. The U-S plans to attack Syria have prompted South American countries to offer refuge to displaced Syrians. South American countries have also condemn Washington’s threats against Damascus. In Argentina, where the Syrian community accounts for the third largest ethnic group with more than 3.5 million members, Tamara Lalli knows the suffering of her fellow ones. This 52-year old mother of two came to Argentina from Syria when she was 11 years old. Tamara has assisted more than 300 families arriving from Damascus, Aleppo and other Syrian cities that were forced to leave home as Arab and European countries close their borders. Tamara also told Press TV the third generation of Syrian living in Argentina are now witnessing how the South American country welcomes a new wave of migrants fleeing what she calls foreign mercenaries fighting the Syrian government forces. Despite the West’s violent threats, Tamara believes there is still hope for Syrians in the South part of the world. At the recent summit of the South American bloc UNASUR held in Surinam, regional countries issued the so called Paramaribo Declaration reaffirming their anti-intervention stance. Meanwhile, ex Argentine cardinal and now Pope Francis has joined the chorus of anti-war claims that have spread across South America over the past days. “Let peace burst”, the head of the Roman Catholic Church said after announcing a day of prayer and fasting for the Syrian people to take place this weekend.