Sun Sep 1, 2013 5:2PM
The American people are “deeply divided” over a military strike against the Syria, with many people opposing an attack, a former US diplomat told Press TV on Sunday. “The country is deeply divided, and an awful lot of people in all parts of the society think it a very bad idea, I happen to be one of them,” said Edward Peck, the former US Ambassador to Iraq and Mauritania. Peck said he believes “Congress will not approve” a strike on Syria, adding that “I don’t think the United States needs to or should or has any right to get involved” in the Syrian unrest. On Saturday, Obama announced he would seek authorization for an attack from Congress when lawmakers return from recess on September 9. However, Congressional approval could prove difficult for Obama, where skepticism and anxiety in both parties about his drive toward military action have been high. Many US military service members have expressed reservations with attacking Syria, especially following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Washington accuses Damascus of launching a chemical weapons attack on foreign-backed insurgents in the suburbs of Damascus over 10 days ago, an allegation the Syrian government denies. As Washington is looking at a possible Syrian strike, protesters around the world took to the streets to protest Saturday for and against a possible US led attack on Syria. AHT/DB