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Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:46PM
A US F16 fighter jet (file photo)

A US F16 fighter jet (file photo)

If the US attacks, it is committing a war crime. It is invading a country that does not threaten the US. It is doing it without UN support."
Press TV has conducted an interview with David Lindorff, investigative journalist, about Jordan saying it will not be a launchpad for any foreign military intervention in neighboring Syria. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview. Press TV: Mr. Lindroff, first of all with regards to what Jordan has said, what is the significance of this latest announcement by Jordan? I mean why is it that it does not want to be used as a launchpad despite it had been a close US ally in the region? Lindorff: Well I think it just highlights the fact that this is something that has been promoted within the US probably wholly for purposes of US domestic politics not so much because there is a rational reason for it to happen. Press TV: And of course we are hearing that a Jordanian security official has told the German news agency that the West and Arab states have reached a consensus on the war in Syria. I mean how likely, are we close to seeing an Iraqi style scenario in Syria? Lindorff: I think we are a little away from that at this point. Hopefully what the most are talking about at this point is an attack that would probably target military bases in Syria and you know particularly places where there are known to be stockpiles of gas, warheads, chemical warheads which do exist in the Syrian military stockpiles. So should that, it would be limited to that, it maybe a short ....Of course these things have a tendency of spiraling out of control. So I think what we probably going to see is because of the unpopularity of this in the US, probably be something when it happens, if it happens they would be limited to things like cruise missiles and things where you are not liable to have, pilots get captured by Syrian forces, planes being downed and that kind of thing. But if they do start using planes and we do start having planes shot down, pilots captured then things could really get out of hand quickly. Press TV: And in the light of western force to get in war in Syria, how do you think Syria would respond and should respond? Lindorff: The whole thing should be solved with peace talks obviously. I mean I think what needs to be done is the countries in the region Iran, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, the various countries that have a direct interest in seeing that this thing not get out of [control]... Press TV: What you are saying is the best case scenario, I mean peace talks. But in light of a war, in light of an attack by the West and the US on Syria, how do you think Syria should respond? Lindorff: Well obviously they are going to respond by fighting back, you know that’s the thing. If the US attacks, it is committing a war crime. It is invading a country that does not threaten the US. It is doing it without UN support. It will be getting support probably from Iran and from Russia at a minimum and so you are going to have, I mean Syria is not going to lay down its arms and surrender just because the US fires some cruise missiles. So you will have some kind of retaliation. I do not know what kind of retaliation that would be. I mean Syria is not in a position to try to take out the US ships in the Mediterranean or something. So its retaliation potential is limited unless it wants to go on a campaign of terrorist strikes against US targets outside of Syria which I doubt would happen. AHK/HGH
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