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Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:5AM
The British embassy in Sana'a, Yemen

The British embassy in Sana'a, Yemen

British ambassador to Yemen has said the UK embassy in the capital city of Sana’a is expected to reopen "in the next couple of days". Jane Marriot, who arrived back in the country after being evacuated amid security concerns, used her Twitter account to announce she returned to the Yemeni capital on Thursday, August 15. “Hello Yemen. It's great to be back... Looking to reopen the embassy in the next couple of days. Watch this space,” Marriot’s message read. The British embassy in Yemen was closed temporarily on August 4 and 5 after violence escalated in Sana'a, where Yemeni presidential guards clashed with hundreds of soldiers protesting in front of the president's palace. Britain’s Foreign Office also issued a new advice warning against all travel to the country, and said Britons who stay in Yemen are unlikely to be evacuated if the tension escalates. The Foreign Office’s warning comes after the US State Department issued a global travel alert over a threat of possible al-Qaeda attack during August. SSM/MOS/HE
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